Although its been a long time in the making, Engage Here is just at the start of its journey. Ultimately we would like to be self-sufficient and sustainable but right now any financial support is welcome to help change the lives of people with dementia.

For transparency, we are currently a regular business, but we are moving fast to gain Community Interest Company (CIC) status, which means our business will be identified as benefiting the community rather than private shareholders.

Any financial support will be used for the following:
→ Secure more funding
→ Secure further charity partnerships
→ Expand print related tools and machinery
→ Provide weekly classes for those with dementia
→ Purchase means of transport to help those in more remote areas
→ Provide more regular frequent classes
→ Rent or purchase spaces to provide our classes and events
→ Expand our volunteer pool
→ Hire service users

Engage Here

For enquiries, bespoke workshops or partnership please get in touch:
+44 (0) 7912497387
Engage Here was developed
with the help of spARK and the Prince’s Trust.