Other Workshops

At this current time, the 6-week programme we offer is focused around the workshops detailed on the Pilot Programme. However below are some other examples of workshops we are able to facilitate.

They are designed to be 1-2 hours long and can be conducted online or in-person and are available for participants either experiencing dementia themselves or caring for someone else with dementia. There is no reason why these couldn’t be part of a larger programme if desired.

If you think any of these workshops might be relevent to you or you are an organisation who would like to fund these workshops, please don’t hesistate to get in contact.

‘Celebrate a Life’
Participants are asked to choose someone who they love to remember using images, words, colours, textures and materials. As an optional extension, art pieces created in workshop can be translated a screen printed momento, such as a t-shirt to keep or give to loved ones.

Don remembering his wife Marge and her skill for dress making and parachute making during the war

Price on Application
This workshop invites participants to choose their favourite L.P.s to play on the old fashioned record player. This helps trigger memories of going to dance halls, concerts and buying their first record. As an optional extention, participants can create visual responses to their favourite records.

Phil’s version of The Beatle’s Sgt. Peppers. LP, featuring images of his Dad and friends on the eve of WW2
Engage Here

For enquiries, bespoke workshops or partnership please get in touch:

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Engage Here was developed
with the help of spARK and the Prince’s Trust.