Pilot Programme

Engage Here is currently running pilot programmes to establish how best to cater creative workshops to those experiencing dementia. These programmes are FREE and spread over 6-sessions. They are comprised of six 1-hour workshops that each focus on a different creative technique. Our current programme is ONLINE, in light of Covid-19.

If you know of a participant or carer interested in taking part, please get in contact using this form.

With the programme being free for participants and their carers, we rely on funding from organisations or individuals. If you are interested in funding a programme, please get in contact via the details here. Or equally you can donate using the “Support” button below.

You can see the different workshops below ...

Cyanotype Printing
Using sunlight, each person will create Prussian-Blue prints using a technique developed in 1842. Participants will choose their own objects to arrange directly onto paper, in a process that is full of tactile moments.

Sprigs of rosemary creating an abstract silhouette

Session 2
Stencil Making
Using a combination of ready-made stencils, as well as teaching the group how to make their own, participants will develop a means to applying meaningful imagery to different surfaces person to them.

Harriet’s paper stencil inspired by a favourite album cover

Session 3
Felt Making
This is an incredibly sensory activity. Participants will use Merino fleece, combined with water and soap in a facisnating process, to create their own colourful forms.

Different colours of Merino wool mid-felting

Session 4
Aromatic Printing
Participants will use pungent herbs and flowers as printing blocks. This technique may encourage feelings connected to the smells, as well as highlighting how printing can reveal different botanical textures.

Briony’s prints made from fragrant plants found in her garden

Session 5
Sound Drawing
As a way or heightening sound, participants will be encouraged to draw blind-folded, and in an expressive way, in reaction to a series of unusual noises. Different materials and techniques will further add to the suprisement of this activity.

Stephs’s layered drawing in reaction to eight different sounds

Session 6
Clay Modelling
In attempt to connect with the Earth, partipants will use the natural material of clay to make art. This might be three-dimensional or equally involve using objects to make detailed imprints.

Jeanette’s sculpture of joyous walks with her Nanna in Cumbria
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Engage Here CIC
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Private Limited by Gaurantee

+44 (0) 79124973887