Process Course

Different to our Pilot Programme whereby participants get a brief insight into a range of creative processes. Our Process Courses spend four sessions focusing on one particular process. A recent example of this is Silk Painting with Hackney Carers, spread over 4-weeks. 
    These more in-depth courses are designed to be led in-person, and offer participants more of a chance to develop an idea, as well as improve their technical ability. Each session is 2 hours long and is available for participants either experiencing dementia themselves or caring for someone else with dementia. 
    Below are some examples of processes we are able to facilitate. If you think any of these workshops might be relevent to you or you are an organisation who would like to fund these workshops, please don’t hesistate to get in contact.

Screen Printing

Lucy screenprinting her design translated from folded paper

Silk Painting

Anne’s silk painted scarf based on Greek mythology.
Engage Here

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