Silk Painting with Hackney Carers

12 September 2020
A four-week, socially-distanced silk painting course held at U7 Lounge on Regent’s Canal in Haggeston, London. The participants were members of Hackney Carers, a small independent charity, many of whom care for their loved ones living with dementia.    
    Each participant decorated two pieces of pongee silk, gradually progressing their designs over the four weeks. This began by sketching ideas onto layout paper, then preparing the silk ready for use, followed by painting onto the silk using specialist dyes and finally embellishing their silks using free-hand embroidery.
    Not only was this a chance to learn new techniques, it also gave the particpants some dedicated time to themselves, to express the creative side of their personalities. The group did not know eachother before the programme, making the workshops a valuable opportunity to speak frankly with other people sharing similar circumstances.

See below for more images.

Loren embroidering her signature to finish off her colourfully painted silk square

Pattison’s preliminary designs on layout paper

Anne using gutta resist to form a barrier around the green dye she didn’t want to bleed

Participants socially distanced within the U7 Lounge

Lisa adding metallic details to her floral design
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