Engaging people living with dementia and cognitive impairment through the arts

Art at Home

Person painting silk


A free programme of six 1-hour workshops each focusing on a different creative process, with a view to stimulating the different senses. You can see the workshops below.
For people experiencing dementia or mild cognitive impairment, alongside their carer. If you or a person you know are interested, please fill out this form.
Once you make contact, we will discuss a day and time that suits you and fit you into the nearest available slot.
Workshops are currently online and facilitated over Zoom. We can help you accessing Zoom if you are unsure how to use it. Tools and materials will be sent to each participant prior to the start of the programme.
As these workshops are free for participants we rely on funding from the public. If you are interested in funding a programme for six people or even just a person. You can donate or get in contact directly.
Woman holding prints of leaves

Engage Here has encouraged me to explore arts and crafts, using natural materials such as leaves. Filling the leaf’s surface with ink, feels like I am filling in the holes in my Alzheimer’s brain” Stella, Participant of Art at Home

The Programme

I / 6
Aromatic Printing
2 / 6
Cyanotype Printing
3 / 6
Felt Making
4 / 6
Stencil Making
5 / 6
Drawing Sound
6 / 6
Clay Modelling