Engaging people living with dementia and cognitive impairment through the arts


Encourage people living with dementia to engage with the creative arts. To conduct collaborative and contemporary art workshops in residential homes, nursing homes, community settings, art spaces and day centres. With each workshop a practicing artist will work co-creatively or one to one with people experiencing dementia. These creative engagements will also be relevant to many isolated people living with signs of dementia not yet diagnosed.

Long-term benefits for Engage Here workshop participants:

  • Improve quality of life
  • Improve cognitive ability and in turn an understanding of how to stimulate their senses
  • Improve physical ability and dexterity
  • Improve self-confidence through social interaction
  • Reduce demands on/and expense to the NHS
  • Develop new neuro pathways

Day-to-day benefits for Engage Here workshop participants:

  • Calmer and less agitated
  • Create new memories in the form of art pieces
  • Stress reduction for carers
  • More competent at carrying out day to day operations
  • Rebuild a self-identity
  • Sense of achievement
Someone mixing inks