Our primary aim is to engage people living with dementia or cognitive impairment with sensory creative processes. This involves conducting collaborative and contemporary art workshops in settings such as residential homes, nursing homes, community centres, art spaces and day centres. We work co-creatively with participants in a way that doesn't focus on what they produce, but rather on the process of getting there.

We also use this methodology to engage other marginalised members of the community, with a general aim to make our workshops accessible to anyone who struggles to involve in regular streams of art participation, this could include people with mobility difficulties, families experiencing economic-struggles or children with a lack of opportunities in their area.

Long-term benefits for participants include:

  • An improvement in quality of life
  • An improvement in cognitive ability and an understanding of how to stimulate their senses
  • An improvement physical ability and dexterity
  • An improvement in self-confidence through social interaction
  • A reduction in demands on public services such as the NHS and schools
  • The development in new neuro pathways

Day-to-day benefits include:

  • Calmness and less agitation
  • The creation of new memories in the form of art pieces
  • A stress relief for carers and families
  • More competence at carrying out day to day talks
  • The development of a self-identity
  • A sense of achievement
Someone mixing inks